"What Could Go Wrong" Screenprinted Posters

When we first unveiled the poster art for our upcoming DVD "What Could Go Wrong?", Shadow fan Stephen Savage reached out to us about screenprinting some posters for us to give out to all of the team riders involved. Stephen Savage, of Friendly Arctic Printing & Design in Nashville Tennessee, not only did an amazing job on these posters but he also sent us over some photos of the entire process. Check them out below! TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_PaintBuckets_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_Screens_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_Screens2_Square_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_Screens2_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_StephenSavage-ApplyingScreen_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_StephenSavage-TouchUp_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_SunThroughScreen_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_TestPrints_WEB TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_TestPrints-OnGround_Square_WEB After matching the pantones, cutting all the screens, and then printing them, here's Stephen with the final product. TSC_WCGWScreenPrintedPoster_StephenSavage-HoldingPoster_WEB They look amazing Stephen! Thanks so much to you and everyone involved at Friendly Arctic!