What could go wrong? A question every rider asks themselves before trying something new. Sometimes the answer is good and sometimes, it’s bad. You might find yourself rolling away from a set of stairs smiling ear to ear, or you may find yourself at the bottom of that same set bloody and beaten. There’s never a definite answer. Whatever happens, in the end, it’s really about how you got there.

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The Shadow Conspiracy “What Could Go Wrong?” DVD, features a custom coffin shaped case and a 20 page booklet. This packaging encompasses the look and feel of our latest full-length feature! With photos from the past three years of filming, the booklet tells what went in to the filming of the video and why each riders section is unique

Get yours now by mail order or at local BMX shops. Available in our web store on Monday August 17th!


Hit play to watch the new trailer for “What Could Go Wrong?”, the third full-length video from The Shadow Conspiracy!

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick (@chadwalk)

Seth Kimbrough (@seth_kimbrough)
Simone Barraco (@simobarraco)
Lahsaan Kobza (@lahsaankobza)
Trey Jones (@treyjonesucks)
Joris Coulomb (@jorisco)
Scott Ditchburn (@scott_ditchburn)
Paul Ryan (@paulryanbmx)
Eric Bahlman (@ericbahlman)
Albert Mercado (@albertmercato)
Mark Burnett (@mark_burnett)
Johnny Devlin

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“Smoke and Mirrors”
Forest of Lost Children