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Raptor Bolt Type Conversion Kit

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Shadow Raptor Cassette Hub

3/8″ Bolt Type Conversion Kit

This simple kit easily replaces your standard axle with an ultra strong, 14mm bolt type axle. This slimmed down alternative saves weight without sacrificing strength. Scroll down for a few pictures and a video describing the install process. The kit releases this March and retails for $29.99.

Remove the stock lock nuts from the non-drive side and hammer out the axle.

Remove the driver, driver spacer, and bearing from the stock axle.

Put the bearing, driver spacer, and driver onto your new bolt type axle.

Tighten on the stock lock nuts from your standard axle, onto the new bolt type axle.

Don’t forget to use the supplied 14mm dropout spacers to make up for the slim downed 3/8″ studs.

Check out this detailed video for an in depth look at how to install the bolt type conversion kit.