Joris Coulomb – “Full of Bliss” Edit

We all know 2020 was a weird year and Joris Coulomb didn’t let any of that hold him back. Living temporarily in Seattle, WA , Joris found a multitude of new spots and perfect setups for his unique style of riding.
Watch him as he explores a new city, filming with the local crew or even himself. Capturing a mix of unique, technical, and big clips that truly are Joris’ style proving there is no slowing him down. Watch Joris now in , “Full of Bliss.”


Filmed By: Joris Coulomb, Mike Hoder, Coltin Knudson, Jade Linton, Juan Ogaz, Riley Smith, Simon Rehn

Edited By: Joris Coulomb

Song: “Born To Give” by Jahnavi Harrison and Willow Smith


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