Matt Ray – Quarantine Part 1 Street Rail Video

Via Matt Ray:

“With this whole lockdown going on I’ve been riding my Street Rail almost everyday. So today i decided to switch it up and bring the rail into the streets to see what we could do. This was a lot of fun and i definitely plan on bringing it around more (considering we have a whole month left of lockdown).

The first spot we had some guy come out and tell us we got to leave but after that we had success riding the spots unbothered. With businesses/parks being closed theres so much opportunity to bring these rails around. If you guys have any ideas – leave a comment!

Shoutout Maicol for always being down to ride and try new shit , he seriously kills it and is always fun to ride with. Also shoutout my girl for filming the first half of this video.

If your interested in getting a Subrosa Street Rail-…